Down East

Greetings from Canada’s Maritimes!

I’m presently in Nova Scotia – Halifax specifically – visiting programs and getting ready to rock ‘n roll at a fundraiser we’re doing here to support my program. Okay, and best of all, it’s been seafood mania! Me likes!

Reel Asian Film Festival
The folks at Reel Asian did their press conference on Monday, announcing this year’s line-up. Reel Asian runs November 15-19 and I’ll be going. Hope to see you there! You can vist the Reel Asian website by clicking here.



G and I picked up Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ excellent coffee table book, “XXX 30 Porn-Star Protraits” last week. Yes, I did say coffee table book. Visit here, you’ll see it laid out along with Toronto Life magazine, Holts‘ Catalogue and National Geographic’s “The 10 Best of Everything”. Eclectic, I know.


That aside, the book is beautifully shot with, yes, nudity. Real, full on nudity of some of the world’s most famous male and female porn-stars, complete with bios, and, in true Playboy style, essays and commentary from the likes of John Malkovich, Lou Reed, John Waters, Gore Vidal, and even (of all folks) Salman Rushdie. Pick it up, or come visit.

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8 Responses to Down East

  1. What’s the program you’re fundraising?

  2. i dont believe you =]you better send me all the pictures of the hot nakey guys =]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sheesh, I don’t even know any of these porn stars and I thought I watched too much porn.

  4. wait wait…im like tripping on the porn star thingy part…I thought you and G were gayand…not straightso why the porn star portraits?

  5. m3galomaniac says:

    I need a coffee table first..

  6. pisceanfood says:

    wow…that’d make a great coffee-table book gift for a friend’s birthday : ) and you don’t even have to wrap it! just bow it with a ribbon!

  7. enRoute says:

    hey, i’m heading to the East too…but only to Ottawa..hahaha..=)

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    well now there is a real coffee table book for the gay household YAY!RYC: Thanks for the exercise. I had forgotten about that. And I know someone who can use it right about now.

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