Nico & Dani

First on a completely random note, don’t you think the Christmas tree at the Eaton Centre is stunning?! …


Nico & Dani (aka Krampack)
You can search online for the definition of what ‘krampack’ means. And while there is some of the definition clearly evident in this film, the story is far more a coming-of-age story told in a refreshing non-Hollywood fashion. I’ll say ‘amen’ under my breath for that. Directed by Cesc Gay, this Catalan (i.e., Spanish) film is fun, unabashed about sex, and had me laughing outloud in several spots.

The teens here (in Europe in general) are far more intelligent and mature than any 18 year-old you’ll run into at the Eaton Center. They approach life with a zest kids here in North America have lost. Nico arrives at the summer home of his childhood friend, Dani, and the two plan to idyl away the summer fishing and fixing a motorcycle when Elena and Berta appear on the scene and derail everything.

Dani, you see, is just coming to terms with his homosexuality and a classic tale of jealously ensues when Nico begins spending more time with the girls than Dani. It’s predictable fare, yes, but done in a refreshing way. I was a little miffed at the scene where Dani confirms his gayness by trying to bed Berta (while she and he are drunk) and the whole plot line of Dani running to the local gay writer Julian for help and another avenue to confirm his sexuality.

That aside, this was an amusing little flick for a Sunday afternoon and worth a rent if you’ve 90 minutes to kill. In 2000 it won the Special Award for Youth at Cannes. My rating 6 out of 10.


So, that beacon of snobbery and pretention, the restaurant Sassafraz in Yorkville, burned down yesterday. This place, for folks not familar with Toronto, is the mecca of the movie-star set on the corner of Bellair and Cumberland. A kitchen fire gutted the interior to the tune of $2.4 dollars at lunch yesterday.

My immediate thought on hearing the news was, ‘oh my, where will all those hollow, self-absorbed movie stars and their hanger-ons now go?’ … but then my next thought was, ‘who the fcuk cares!’

WET Team
Last night we witnessed the annual gathering of the WET Team at my place. This group meets once a year and has been doing so for, oh, 10 years now I guess. Dinner was courtesy G and I and the yummy dessert courtesy dragonboat coach Vince.

1) Mama Joan, Diana, G, Deb, Sindy and Coach Vince; 2) Coach Vince prepares our dessert

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  1. Kevin72 says:

    I saw on Dan’s site that you are a fan of “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I got a picture of Mary “Scout” Badham from when she recently visited San Francisco at

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: I like that idea. I used to write a letter (snail mail) and not seal and send until the next day. The same is helpful with email.

  3. That’s a pretty big tree … it’s a shame that tree had to DIE!!! Hehe.

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