Where’s the mini marshmallows?

Tonight, after supper, which was (thankfully) NOT turkey, I made Brent’s homemade hot chocolate (with a nod to uber goddess, Nigella Lawson). But first dinner.

I simply couldn’t face another meat-like dinner … so it was light (or is that lite?) fare for me. A simple salad with roasted peppers and pan-fried shrimps. OMG, heavenly.


Then it was onto the chocolate. You’ll need to grab the following:

  • milk;
  • honey;
  • cinnamon;
  • cane sugar; and,
  • chocolate (now, I know some folks use cocoa for this but I gleefully cheat and use Lindt‘s 85% cocoa).
1) gather your ingredients and a whisk and small pot

2) add milk, cinnamom and a tsp of sugar and get the milk warming; 3) add tsp of honey; then 4) when it’s steaming add a square of chocolate


5) whisk the devil out of it, and 6) pour and enjoy!

But, damn, where were those mini marshmallows? …

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5 Responses to Where’s the mini marshmallows?

  1. that sounds like itd be really really good chocolateand the shrimp salad looked goodbtw Christine said thank you =]

  2. willariah says:

    oh.. yum! that salad looks exquisite!! i feel so gross after days of gorging on meats too. oh – i’ve tried using lindt chocolate too when making hot chocolate, but do you find there’s a thick layer of fat which surfaces on top of the hot chocolate? i always have this problem. re: friday, i’d love to see u. i need to figure out if i have to babysit my niece first. if not, i’m yours!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    That salad is to die for – I would enjoy that anytime. The hot chocolate might kill my stomach but it looks great. Can I hire you to cater?

  4. Ken02 says:

    How was ur christmas, hope u had a wonderful christmas……and hope u enjoy it share it with the people u really care about. Happy New Year and happy hoilday. I want to ask you, sorrie to be rude, if there any chance that I can talk to you friend to talk about the co-op….cause I’m looking for one right now, Please and thank you…..I will talk to u later…
    Thank you, Ken

  5. Anonymous says:

    The salad looks light and delicious. As for the chocolate, I can practically smell it from here! ryc – thank you, that was well said.

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