G in China: Dongguan | Hangzhou

From Hong Kong, G visited Dongguan (northwest of Hong Kong) and stayed at the brilliant (and empty) Dongguan Hyatt. He said most of the hotels he stayed at in China were big, beautiful, full of staff but empty of tourists. Also in Dongguan he visited this indoor amusement park that was also devoid of people. Very strange eh?! Dongguan is home to the world’s largest shopping centre so it goes without saying what G did here! It is also the center of the world’s furniture industry.

DSCF0161Hyatt Dongguan1Dinner for 20 Dongguan
1) Amusement park; 2) room at Hyatt; 3) private dinning room at Hyatt … (seats 20!)

4) more room, complete with a private 5) hot tub on the balcony

After a flight to Shanghai, he next found himself in Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai.

6) West lake; 7) little building on West Lake; 8) lotus on the lake

Hangzhou  Restaurant1Chickens HangzhouCorn pancake Hangzhou
9) wanna order? … you have to walk to this kitchen and point; 10) dinner comes in on trucks; 11) corn pancake

Communist Tea Factory Hangzhou
12) Communist Tea Factory in Hangzhou (great tea; scary employees)

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4 Responses to G in China: Dongguan | Hangzhou

  1. Len_Q says:

    wow, this looks really beautiful!

  2. willariah says:

    aww thanks for sharing the wonderful pics with us! the hotel is so luxurious! more pics of food, please. p.s. denise would like to see “miss potter” this weekend (maybe sunday?) .. hollaback.

  3. enRoute says:

    I miss China. =)

  4. Wow that’s a really extravagant hotel room! And an indoor rollercoaster? At least, it won’t get shut down due to rain or snow? Still … I would think an indoor rollercoaster creates hella noise …

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