New Year’s Eve – Take Two

Noting that I was here all alone, G was in Hong Kong all alone and Blee was in Ottawa (not alone and chowing down on a dinner extraordinaire), we decided to make last night our New Year’s Eve Party/Countdown. 

Noting also that we’re a sad and sorry lot that can rarely stay up past 10pm, we chose London as the city to celebrate New Year’s in.

the clock strikes midnight ( … in London)

1) Blee and I toast 2007; 2) Blee toasts me toasting 2007; 3) G and Blee tired of toasting get to ignoring me

Mamma’s Pizza helped us bring in the new year (part deux) as did homemade crantinis and a bottle of our champagne of choice, Lanson.

Afterwards, while G prepared for a meeting he had today, Blee and I watched the Jean-Luc Goddard film classic, Weekend. What an interesting way to start my 2007 film-viewing off.

If surrealist film is your thing, you’ll love this 1967 classic. If surrealist film that makes little obvious sense isn’t your thing, avoid this film at all costs. Another way to look at this decision: if you hated reading Brecht in school or just couldn’t get Beckett‘s Waiting for Godot, AVOID this film. That said, wow, what a film! I mean, I thoroughly hated it (even with the Goddard scholar voice over) but interesting to watch if only to see how far ahead French film was in the 1960s (and continues to be?… think Cache; think Irreversible).

The film is a road movie of sorts with husband/wife Roland and Corrine (who essentially despise each other) heading to her parents’ countryside home to have the will of her father read (and eventually kill her mother). Course, the film is more than this: there is murder, utter anarchy, long epistles on French involvement in Algeria, Emily Bronte appears, a brilliant sweeping shot of a traffic jam in the French countryside (which is justifiably famous), the live butchering of a pig (don’t squeam when and if you watch this as I’m sure we all eat pork and this is the reality of what eating meat is about) and cannibalistic guerillas. In the end, Roland is killed and Corrine chows down on him. Heavy stuff, granted, but an amazing comment on French bourgeois society. My rating, for the bizarreness alone: 3 out of 10.

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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Love the idea of celebrating New Years with G no matter when you did it.

  2. willariah says:

    happy new year!!! such a cute idea:) xoxo

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