Sweater Goes Bye Bye

Unicorn Club Meeting
Continuing (still) with the birthday week adventures, G and I met up with Lady Sarah and Model JoJo at the Unicorn this evening for Strongbow and appetizers. Lady Sarah treated; thanks honey!

Model JoJo, Lady Sarah and moi

Favourite Black Sweater Goes Bye-Bye
My favourite black sweater (a cheapie HM one) – granted with a gathered waist and cuffs which I do dislike – is no more. It no longer fits. Why? you ask … because I can’t read. See … ‘no tumble dry’. So, what do I do? Well, tumble dry it of course!

1) read BEFORE washing; 2) the sweater that is no more … Off to Goodwill it goes wah wah wah

When Beckham Met Owen
This 2004 Hong Kong film, directed by Adam Wong, is short (80 minutes) and shot like an MTV music video (I think it was shot in 16mm or using a digital camcorder). It suffers from too-much-i-tis. Meaning; our director isn’t sure during the first 30 minutes what his story is going to be so we wander around the two leads, Michael and David, who are major soccer fans and their supposedly wheelchair bound female school chum; the school’s gym teacher and his daughter; english as a second language classes; more soccer; and Miss Chan, one of the school’s teachers. When we finally get down to the story, it’s essentially a coming of age journey with a twist: seems Michael likes David who likes the supposedly wheelchair bound female school chum. Got all that? … Anyway, A for F; E for execution (but with a couple nods to both young actors who do an okay job holding things together). My rating 2 out of 10.


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5 Responses to Sweater Goes Bye Bye

  1. I’ve also damaged a few of my favorite band shirts because of the stupid dryer! I had bought medium shirts, thinking they were adult medium. I found out they were youth medium AFTER I washed and dried them, and now when I wear one, it looks like a really really really short tank top.

  2. Wait sorry…who’s Michael?Anyways, that movie picture looks somewhat good. Sad how I watch a movie if the cover and the title captivates me =[. Anyways, I rarely do stuff like read the laundry tags… Can’t you just…like…iono. =] Freeze it to shrink it? XD

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Welcome to the club, my niece has some of my t-shirts that I washed and dryed without reading the label – they fit her now.
    RYC: I knew G had good taste in something besides men.

  4. willariah says:

    Oh no:( I’m sorry!! If you still have the receipt you could email H&M at their website to launch a complaint – you can complain about their icons not being clear on their tags and maybe they could help you. Their customer service team is pretty good.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve damaged a few clothing because I forgot to check the label or I just threw it in the dryer by mistake. Grr….

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