A Stay at the Windsor Arms Hotel

G and I spent a let’s-celebrate-Valentine’s-Day-early weekend at the Windsor Arms Hotel. We have said for years we’d give it a try and its number came up Saturday. The Windsor Arms was built in 1927 and today, along with its (finally) improving Courtyard Cafe restaurant, offers 28 rooms for guests and a staff/client ratio of 6:1, which is probably the highest in the city … until the Ritz-Carlton arrives in a couple years time. The design was (yawn) bland and boring as is usual with anything done by Brian (aka “Boring) Gluckstein. He is SO over-rated!


We stayed in a deluxe suite on the fourth floor at the front of the building. It was a very nice stay and we were lucky to have both willariah and Blee come visit and enjoy the suite for a spell with us. G used the spa and would have used the workout room had I not done the packing! … oops, see what I did below.

1) G admires the view; 2) me in the “Butler’s cupboard”; 3) the jacuzzi bathtub

4) Champange, of course; 5) oops, G’s two right feet mix-up; 6) chocolate strawberries delivered to us

7) oh! the bed; 8) dim sum this morning at New Dynasty; 9) more bedroom

And here’s a narrated tour courtesy of me.

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7 Responses to A Stay at the Windsor Arms Hotel

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: Actually Copeland is one of my favorites and of his Appalachian Spring is right up there.

  2. mattfifer says:

    Wow! That looks like a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! The bed looks very inviting and I would love to try that jacuzzi…RYC: THANK YOU! We are extremely excited to finally be back in T-dot!! We are leaving for a few weeks but will be back soon enough. A good friend of mine and former teammate is on a masters team i’d like to join. what are you thoughts of the Toronto Tri Club? I was thinking of joining as well…I thrive in group training

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Nice to get away for a time. Some people feel that no color is elegant. I on the other hand feel the right use of color adds to the total atmosphere of the room. Still looks good though. Two right shoes

  4. m3galomaniac says:

    nice suite..happy early valentine’s day to both of you. cool tour, nice to put a voice to the face we always see here;)

  5. willariah says:

    i love dynasty. it’s fantastic. thanks for having me over! such a gorgeous room and lovely experience. i wonder why they gave you three strawberries. and most of all, happy valentine’s day to both of you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ooh… narrated tour. It looks nice, I think you probably want to see a bit more colour? It’s nice to get away every so often.

  7. You live such a grand life. 

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