Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day G! These arrived at G’s office a little early (last Friday, with thanks to Bernard Callebaut) and he’s been oh-so-good not opening them … but today’s the day!  His other cheeky gifts were these, which I’ll leave to your imagination what & where we’ll use each! (no rude comments please as my parents read this blog!)

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7 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. orchidgrass says:

    the last king of scotland…i want to watch that…happy belated valentines

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Ducky for the bath tub and oil for the baby —you are pregnant!!! And of course a box of chocolates.
    RYC: Why was I not surprised that you wear that mask.

  3. enRoute says:

    Happy V-day! =)

  4. willariah says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Jeez Louise – a rubber duck? You’re a bunch of freaks! hehehe

  5. m3galomaniac says:

    Rubber ducky! cute gifts! those gifts are like for babies :S happy valentine’s!

  6. brooklyn2028 says:

    Happy Valentines! Cute ducky!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Aw… so cute. Duck and oil…hmmm. Maybe he is telling you that he wants some roast duck – extra oily!

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