Sis Turns 4(bleep)

I was in London yesterday and today to celebrate my sister’s birthday a week early as everyone (but G and I) are heading south to condo for a bit in the States … wah, wah, wah!  That aside, sis continues to look uber-fab despite being 4(number removed for discretion’s sake). I’ve always been told you should i) never reveal a women’s age, nor ii) ask a woman her age.


1) Mom prepares to deliver the salad; 2) Chole [who will be visiting soon];
3) sis blows G and I a kiss for her bday Prada gift [the purse]


4-6) nephew E [who is an uber amazing hockey and baseball player but will certainly make his money acting]
gets a make over from model/niece P while papa looks on


7) Papa, mom and moi with nephew E as photographer; 8) birthday girl gives out kisses!

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10 Responses to Sis Turns 4(bleep)

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: She is indeed a lonely angry old lady but she does that to herself.

  2. orchidgrass says:

    nice day in london! cute doggie!

  3. m3galomaniac says:

    Enjoy your trip! Always nice to see your family photos and notice your distict resemblance with your parents, just feels that way to me :) maybe its the glasses. Nephew E can be a model too..nice hairdo, haha.

  4. junjie1800 says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by. Good to see new faces around Xanga. Well, i’ve actually decided to pursue business as my tertiary education. But nonetheless i am interested in photography.cheers!

  5. I never learned that etiquette until in HS. I remember sitting at a four-person table with three girls in my calculus class, and I asked my friend her height … and then her weight. My other friend just gasped and covered her mouth, while the friend whom I asked gave me this look of “how dare you!” Anyway, I learned from that moment on to never ask a woman for her weight. Remember to add that to your list .RYC: It’s carmelized onions. It’s mostly an In-N-Out thing (burger chain mostly in socal). The combination is really tasty, but also very heavy.

  6. willariah says:

    she really does look wonderful for her age. whatever it is!! it looks like everyone had a great time. hope u got back safely. billy sends chloe a kiss.

  7. Fatcat723 says:

    Never tell a lady’s age – even if it is your sister. Enjoy your trip south.

  8. brooklyn2028 says:

    Mmm…cake!RYC: You like Wong Kar Wai? Who would’ve thought! Haha, kidding…

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow.. your sister looks amazing!

  10. Anonymous says:

    nor (iii) respond when asked – “does this dress make me look fat?”

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