I first saw Kodo during their initial tour to Canada back in 1985, and with but two exceptions have made a point of seeing them whenever they perform here. Gosh, that’s 22 years of Kodoing! Kodo and I have grown up together and I treasure | adore | enjoy (take your pick) their shows. They marry the sublime and the spectacular together seamlessly.

Tonight was no exception as the troupe did their thang down at Massey Hall and shook the place to it’s 113 year old roots with the booming 1000 lb. o-daiko drum.

The Boston Globe has said it the best: “
Indeed, if there is such a thing as perfection
in music, Kodo comes as near
to it as any group in the world.”


Miami Vice
In a word: horrible. An embarrassment to all involved. Why this awful film didn’t go straight to dvd rental is beyond me. Perhaps the draw of some fairly decent stars in Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx and, even, Gong Li blinded the studio? The story centres on … hmmm well, really, who cares?! I found it strange to see Gong Li playing a contemporary role … she’s much better in historical roles all dolled up, to say nothing of her chinglish (though she’s nearly perfect speaking Spanish). This film is yet another example of what’s wrong with Hollywood. I’d say it’s all flash and no substance but even the flash is missing here. I’m loathe to actually give it a rating, but being kind, my rating 0 out of 10. Avoid!


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7 Responses to Kodo

  1. Kodo is unbelievably fantastic. There are VERY few performances that have elicited such an intense emotional response from me as these guys!I have a story to tell and you are going to be intensely jealous: during my stint in Japan and positively vibrating from seeing yet another performance of Kodo, my friends and I ducked into the nearest Japanese equivalent of “Denny’s” when lo and behold who walks and sat in the table next to us, were none other than 8 of the main drummers!!!! Anyway, i nearly shat myself but somehow managed to gleefully sputter something out in Japanese along the lines of “youguysaresofuckingfantasticlysuperblyamazingthat icantbelieveyouareeatingherenexttomytableandithinkyouaresuperdupersuperamazinglyfantastic!!!”LOL They smiled, giggled at me politely and signed my CD!! :)

  2. willariah says:

    Miama Vice was the worst movie ever.  Gong Li’s english was the best.  “do u waan muheeto?”
    hahaha love it.  c u tonite.

  3. jasonbasin says:

    oops…”could’ve been”  (like the Tiffany song).

  4. jasonbasin says:

    i didn’t find Miami Vice as objectionable as you did, though I did fall asleep through the middle, and kept waking up when the music got loud (which was very often).  Gong Li was distractingly WRONG for the movie because of her chinglish (kaka!).  I just shudder to think how much worse this movie couldn’t been if they decided to make it look and feel cheesy and 80’s like the original. 

  5. CurryPuffy says:

    Maybe I should catch the kodo show in LA! haha~~I like Gong Li though, maybe I rent the dvd.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Kodo is great. Their talent is amazing. I get drawn into the art whenever I hear them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How the heck did you update your Kodo entry so quickly? It was a great show! I really enjoyed it.

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