The Date

Finally, Chloe and Billy managed to get together for their postponed date. After being stood up, it was wonderful that the two were able to connect prior to Chloe’s return to London. It went very well, I thought, though both seemed more interested in the floors of Hazelton Lanes than each other.

Capably chaperoned by Uncles willariah, Brent and G, the two toured Bloor Street prior to chowing down on goodies at Hazelton Lanes. Juice tidbits here.


1) the initial meeting had Chloe going, “Billy? Billy who?” before 2) easing into things with him down Bloor Street

Farewell Chloe

3) Sis’s gift to us for dog-sitting … it’s all we have left of Chloe

Saturday saw us hiking down to Niagara Falls to meet up with my sis and family as they crossed the border and whisked Chloe from our hands. There was much sadness for both G and I when Chloe left so being the good gay lads we are, we sought to alleviate our sadness with … eating, shopping and drinking!

… and successful we certainly were. It was a Villeroy & Boch shopping extravaganza as witnessed by the haul when we got home.

4) the Villeroy & Boch haul

To fortify ourselves for the shopping extravaganza we took proper nourishment, stopping in at Denny’s (where I swooned over a conglomeration of fat, butter and grease called “Moons Over My Hammy”). Food intake was followed by drink intake and stops at Lakeview Cellars (kudos! good service; good wines) and Cave Springs (boos! poor service; bad wines).

5) Denny’s mmmm good Moons Over My Hammy; 6) several bottles of Lakeview smuggled their way back home with us

Lakeview makes THE BEST Baco Noir going and is a staple of “wings nights” here at our place. The next wing night is this Saturday as I’ve been immersed completely in NCAA College Basketball bedlam watching March Madness ad nauseam. It is my favourite time of the year.

As to the purchases, damn, we did well! In addition to completing off the set of Villeroy & Boch place-settings we picked up in Chicago, we scored these deals.

7) “New Wave” 40-piece cutlery set (reg: $725; nabbed it for $172)

8) pot-warmer (reg: $132; nabbed for $24.99);coaster (reg: $33; nabbed for $7.99)

9) gorgeous salad bowl (reg: $236; nabbed for $49.99)



1) floor vase (reg: $67; nabbed for $16)

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10 Responses to The Date

  1. m3galomaniac says:

    what great deals..I’m happy for you :) shopping for deals is such a great pleasure.

  2. $50 for a salad bowl?!  Well, I need to be rich first. 

  3. yes those salad bowls look amazing. Just to clearify things… Chloe and Billy are puppies right? =]ryc: yup i wanted the background to be really messy for some reason =]

  4. YNOTswim says:

    I should get that potwarmer.

  5. orchidgrass says:

    i think you can make a cream cake like chloe

  6. kunhuo42 says:

    i like that salad bowl too! mm.. denny’s. i haven’t eaten there in a while!

  7. CurryPuffy says:

    Oh, nice utensils…I wonder this shopping spree is to fulfill the void of Chloe’s companionship?!

  8. willariah says:

    great deals on the goodies! it was fun hanging fri:) p.s. billy did not “stand” chloe up. we gave sufficient notice last time. this campaign to smear billy’s reputation is going nowhere! how can anyone not love him? even your sister gave you a statue of a dog oddly resembling billy. come on, it’s an omen! hahaha… p.s. is cave springs related to the winemaker?

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    Your choice of items is gorgeous. I love your tastes. It was nice of you to make sure Chloe had a safe date.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The salad bowls are gorgeous. I would probably just put them on display. hee hee…

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