AppsScraps considers causes and commitment

We would all agree there are many
choices to be made in today’s complicated world. There are many causes
that demand our support: the environment, human rights, disarmament,
gun control, animal extinction, drugs, famine. The list is long and
seems to grow longer each day as though our capacity to create problems
far outdistances our ability to solve them. As individuals the decision
to support one cause over another is difficult, and hard to justify,
when all are inter-related and of global concern. Add to this our daily
struggle to make ends-meat, raise children, juggle a career, pay bills,
and this task becomes almost insurmountable. In this light, many opt to
support no cause rather accept the responsibility of tackling any. We
surround ourselves in the ‘here and now’ to avoid facing ‘there and
later’. For us, ignorance, complacency and indifference have become far
easier costumes to don than commitment.

We are the fortunate ones though. We
have the ability, the capacity, the time and certainly the finances to
speak for change. Yet we remain silent. We ensconce ourselves in front
of the television and watch soap operas, game shows and sports events
as if there were some measure of our reality. We proudly wash cars
while complaining about the crises of energy and the price of gas. We
pay lip service to recycling and believe we are doing our bit to save
the planet. We see the words poverty, AIDS, hate, famine, torture,
ethnic cleansing daily on the television and they remain only words
despite the cruel pictures.

And I have asked myself a hundred times is there not something desperately wrong here?

Apparently not. It seems we have far
more important worries: what to watch on television, the brief for
tomorrow’s meeting, the grocery list, whose sleeping with who at the
office or in the neighbourhood, what brilliant and original new thing
our entertainment ‘stars’ are up to, what time to serve dinner, et
cetera ad infinitum nauseam.

Despite our education we remain a
tuned-out people. We are mesmerized by the material-oriented,
keep-up-with-the-Jones’ world we’ve created and by the infantile idea
that nothing of matter exists beyond ourselves and our front door step.

I do not have the magic key that will
unlock the riddle of commitment, or rather, our lack of it. Perhaps our
time here should not be measured by how much wealth we amass, nor by
how much power, status and influence we acquire and wield, nor by how
many possessions or properties we leave to those behind. There is no
room in a coffin for these things, and anyway, they are a poor
reflection of what we achieved while here. A far more important measure
of our existence ought to lie in how we treat our planet and those less
fortunate then ourselves, and what we try to do to better both.

We have forgotten this somewhere along
the line. In living our tiny lives with their tiny problems in our tiny
communities, we have lost sight of the vast vulnerable world existing
outside our immediate view. A world that demands our commitment.

It seems to me that before making any other choices this one must come first: we must chose commitment, and in doing so we must recognize commitment is not a word, it is an action.

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8 Responses to AppsScraps considers causes and commitment

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Very well said, we should each be involved in some kind of good causes during certain stage of our lives.ryc: there’ll always be a welcome mat for you guys! haha~~

  2. willariah says:

    good for u apps:) i think i saw u on queen st. in passing last night as i was out with my family at my nephew’s gig. were u on queen?

  3. …we got mugged and my camera was stolen T_T

  4. bennykan says:

    Commitment seems to be a lost word in this century. Maybe we just have too many options to choose from nowadays. Maybe this world is too frack up that no one wants to take on any responsibilities anymore. Sad but I can’t say it’s not true.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to leave this world (perhaps my small corner) a better place to be in when I’m done with my earthly body. Since I don’t have kids, I’ve been thinking a bit about my “legacy”. Nice entry Brent.

  6. Eggyplant says:

    I too agree with your sentiments. The world, I’ve just accepted is going to hell anyways, despite anything we do. The only thing I can do is to be able to hold myself accountable for whatever it is I’m doing and if I am able to, hold others accountable for their actions.

  7. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautifully written. I totally agree with you. For some reason we forget that the dust in the coffin can be a millionaire or a pauper but it is still dust. The measure of a person is what the individual has done to help other people and how well he has taken care of the land he was given to use while here. Thanks.

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