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Images Festival
Saturday was chalk-a-block full of Image Festivaling, we volunteered at two events, the Mechanics of the Medium show and then bartended the Images Closing Night Party at the very hip Thrush Holmes Empire gallery on Queen West West. The Mechanics show was a series of three live performances, the best of which was Mauricio Ancalmo’s 1871© where a length of black leader is run through a sewing machine (yes, a sewing machine) and then its image projected up on the screen. Experimental to say the least, yes, but quite interesting work from this genuinely nice-guy San Franciscan artist.


The party was good fun with many VAPs (very artsy people) in attendance from Canada, the US, Europe and Japan. While the VAP set is very odd | strange | crazy (take your pick), you can’t deny they know how to party and carry on a conversation.

1) Thrush before the VAPs arrived; 2) setting the mood lighting [FYI: that black line is actually a mixed media artwork rendered 3D and completely hand cut … yours for the low low price of $20,000]; 3) me practicing opening the Steam Whistle

4 & 5) two photos of VAPs mingling, the one on the right I artsy-fartsied


6) DJ Kola spins the tunes; 7) everywhere you look, VAPs!

The Mechanics show was down at Harbourfront Centre, so we wandered around the studios beforehand and watch this crew glass blowing. They offer lessons there in glass blowing and now, having watched them, I want to try it. Dinner between our gigs was at Shanghai Cowgirl on Queen West (@ Bathurst). This place was okay, made less appetizing thanks to one of the line cooks who repeatedly rubbed his nose and his hair while preparing food! Yuck!

8) glass blowing at Harbourfront Centre; 9) interior of Shanghai Cowgirl

This weekend also saw the arrival of my folks for nephew E’s Toronto hockey tournament (they did not make the finals) and shopping sprees by mom at Restoration Hardware and G, myself and Papa at Sporting Life (where we all bought new Asics running shoes). Saturday afternoon saw us chowing down at Pickle Barrel (G and I shared yummy ‘sliders’ and a warm chicken/spinach salad). Thanks for the meal papa!

10) Eat!; 11) mom & papa

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  1. mattfifer says:

    ahh I can’t wait to move to Toronto…

  2. IMAGE 10!!!OMGTHOSE BURGERS!I WANNA JUST BITE INTO THEM!oo and you look a lot like your dad =]

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    You had a busy weekend!!RYC: Got to laugh at yourself. If you don’t, life becomes unbearable. Thanks, I have been playing with the new layouts.

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