All Justin all the time does not work



So, YNOTswim put me on to Justin.TV and over the last week I’ve watched several times. Two things immediately pop into my mind about this endeavour:

One: the premise of living one’s life live on the web 24/7 is interesting and has been done (better) before. You do have to give this crew a nod though for taking Justin remotely on bike rides, on dates, etc.. The concept is also birthing a quicker-than-expected launch of, which will enable any of us to broadcast live 24/7, and which may be the next ‘big thing’ … heaven forbid!

Two: watching Justin for any length of time makes me realize just how boring our lives can be.

Bottomline: all Justin all the time doesn’t work

‘Enuf said.

Proud FM 103.9
So, what’s folks thoughts on this endeavour? …

Proud FM 103.9 launched ‘live from the corner of Wellesley and Church’ last week and is the world’s first and only commercial radio station catering exclusively to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered community. Only in Canada, you say. And here in Toronto.

Have I listened? … yes
Will I continue to listen? … no, probably not.
Why? … proud or not, the music’s way-too-gay!

Stuff Cheap!
G and I have been busy selling off stuff we no longer want/need prior moving to the new condo. Here’s the latest offerings. Interested? … head to eBay and bid, bid, bid!

1) Aveda travel set; 2) LV address book and ecru note note; 3) LV shopping bags (set of 11)

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7 Responses to All Justin all the time does not work

  1. orchidgrass says:

    are u going to ebay?

  2. YNOTswim says:

    Haha… I didn’t put you on peeking at Justin. :) You did it yourself. :) Wait, even shopping bags can be sold? What’s wrong with people – who are buying them? :)

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    Wow…seems like you guys have an affinity for LV stuff!I wonder how much those shopping bags will fetch you?

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: You were doing great until you got into your close second friend.

  5. Oo nice. Sorry, but im flat broke =[ nor do i have an e-bay accountAnyways, ryc: yeah…there was a movie named Gattacawhich was about how this one baby wasn’t genetically altered, but because of his determination to be someone great, he surpassed his expected greatness and blah blah blah =]i liked it a lot XD

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting – a virtual garage sale. When are you moving?

  7. Fatcat723 says:

    Sorry I am not going to bid on any of your items.

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