Scots on the Rocks

G and I spent the weekend in Kingston at Scots on the Rocks. Scots on the Rocks Annie and daughter were our gracious hosts and we had a superb time! We to- and fro-ed with Via1, which I’m telling you, is the best way to travel anywhere in Canada. I simply adore it! Here’s a load of picture from our 4 days away.

1) the cottage; 2) the view from the porch; 3) birches everywhere!

We were lucky that Ontario’s official flower, the trillium, was in full bloom everywhere this weekend. Here’s a sampling of some of the trilliums we saw.

4, 5 & 6) trilliums

There was some hiking with a baby who clearly does not want to wear hats.

7) G and Annie go up; 8) Annie stops to readjust; 9) G and Annie go down

10, 11 & 12) the hat was eventually dislodged

13 & 14) G fished [using the traditional method] and canoed

15, 16 & 17) G reflected in the lake

And, of course, there was FOOD!

18) to-die-for kebabs I whipped up on the bbq

19) the table; 20) tomato soup and curry chips [sounds gross I know, but trust me, try it]

In the end though, it was all about seeing Annie and the baby and some of Kingston.

21) the baby; 22) Pan Chancho Bakery; 23) the waterfront at Kingston

24) me looking all scruffy coming back on the train today

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7 Responses to Scots on the Rocks

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: Somehow I got the impression that your family supported each other. The way you speak of the now says it all.

  2. orchidgrass says:

    very nice pix…nice view…cute kid

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    That looks like a great weekend! The flowers – the lake and even the baby who does not like wearing hats. Warn the baby I did not like it either and now I am bald. Of course the baby is too. lol lol

  4. meoni says:

    such beautiful scenery!|the lake (?) looks so inviting.and, of course, such an adorable baby!

  5. CurryPuffy says:

    The food looks tasty!! What a cute baby…such round face & head too!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, the trillium pics look gorgeous. I always thought they were white. And I can practically hear the kebabs sizzling in the grill. Mmm…

  7. Actually, those curry chips look really good…I am a chip addict. 
    RYC:  Hm…if only it were that easy. 

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