WoofStock … a week late

When you’re busy, you forget things … witness this example: WoofStock, which G and I attended as puppy-wannabe-parents (we travelled the stalls dogless) last Sunday down on Front Street. It was loads of fun and just reinforced our desire to become parents once the new condo is built and we’re moved in.

1 & 2) Woofstock in action

New Plate Adventures with Mom
My mom and papa were in town this weekend for their combined Mother’s/Father’s Day festivities with G and I. Mom was also on a mission: sourcing new plates for Riverside. This saw us at Ikea very early Saturday morning – and aside from me trying on new tajine hats – diligently searching through many types of plates (all white) to find just the right set. Mom was successful! Woohoo!

Afterwards, we roamed many a kitchen store in the wasteland of commercial buildings that is the Castlefield area of the old city of York, pricing and sourcing appliances, cabinetry, flooring, etc for the condo. It’s all terribly exciting (and daunting). Thanks for putting up with us mom! Visits to both Bay stores (at Bloor and Dundas) followed before wrapping up the hunt at Tap Phong, where mom could spend an entire day. Next time you’re here mom, we shall spend the entire day at Tap Phong, honest!

3) mom makes an Ikea find!; 4) I think I look good in tajines!

Saturday night we ventured down to one of our favourite haunts, Cambalache, a spanish tapas-style restaurant.

5) Cambalache: Happy Father’s/Mother’s Day to the two best parents a lad could have!

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4 Responses to WoofStock … a week late

  1. jasonbasin says:

    Ikea with the folks….is there anything better??  My dad and I used to spend quality time building Ikea furniture out on the porch.   It’s wonderful you and your parents are so close and spend such feel-good times together!

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    Nice weather!! I think you’ve got your father’s smiles and a bit of your mom’s too!!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Love the photos and I love to shop.RYC: I guess science will prove philosophy correct.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    ryc: well, i am not sure if i actually am going to write anything about pride, but if i do/did, it would have been along the lines of pride, aside from its assortment of drag queens/kings, leather men, gym bunnies, and so forth, is in the end simply a space where people can be accepted no matter their race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

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