Coco Zhao

G had to spend the entire weekend working … oh, the non-joys of life as an architect! … so I headed down to Nathan Phillips Square to take in some of the Toronto Jazz Festival. I am simply nuts about jazz and my radio both at the office and at home is permanently set to 99.1 JAZZ-FM. In particular, I went to see and meet China’s young jazz guru, Coco Zhao.

1) Coco Zhao with partner, violinist and producer, Peng Fei

Coco has been dubbed “The Boy Billie Holiday of China” and his music is a fascinating mixture of jazz coloured by traditional Chinese themes/tunes. Interestingly as well, Coco is one of only a handful of openly out and gay Chinese celebrities. An important point to consider noting this is Toronto Pride Week.

On that note, most folks know I have very little (read: no) patience for the farce that is Pride but will say “Happy Pride” for those who do. My own thoughts on Pride can be found here.

After his gig, I did get to meet and chat with Coco and he is charming, humble and passionate about bringing his form of jazz to the West.

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3 Responses to Coco Zhao

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    huh, that’s pretty awesome. my boss actually plays drums in a jazz band hahaha. i haven’t heard them play yet, but i probably will at some point before i graduate.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Jazz is great! As you may remember we have the jazz festival here every year and now jazz is part of the free concerts on the lawn.

  3. Happy Pride week :Dand hmm I think i need to listen to Coco Zhao =]wow, you’re so much more asian tahn i am :P

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