Happy Canada Day BBQ

Fireworks from Blee’s balcony

To celebrate Canada’s 140 B-day this year we trekked across to Blee’s for a Canadian-food-inspired BBQ and fireworks watching adventure. It was super yummy … I made a Jackson Triggs Sparking Wine granita and maple syrup creme brulees. I also made maple brandy snaps but they didn’t turn out as I had hoped. They sort of looked like poop but still were tasty.

1) the group heads down to the bbq with dinner in the capable hands of LL; 2) Carol, Blee and Cousin Richard laughing at???? … me?!; 3) our bacon-wrapped scallops go on the grill

4) the famous cab sav burgers (we made these at Oscar Dinner One … two bottles of cab sav are reduced into the beef … to-die-for!); 5) Cousin Richard’s korean short ribs; 6) G being cheeky with a leafy

7) Blee teaches me how to prepare to eat the ribs; 8) cleaning up before dessert; 9) G brulees the brulees

10 & 11) mmmmm yummy!

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2 Responses to Happy Canada Day BBQ

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Are you sure you do not cater parties?!?!?!?! YUMMYRYC: Thanks.

  2. brooklyn2028 says:

    Oh gosh, I need to make me some creme brulee asap! ^^;

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