Maple Syrup Creme Brulees

As part of this year’s Canada Day Soiree and fireworks watching at Blee’s place, I made maple syrup creme brulees (along with maple brandy crisps stuffed with whipping cream). Creme brulee are essentially custards, and heavenly custards at that. Made of heavy cream and egg yolks, serve ’em small as they do not score high on the eating healthy scale. But, damn, they’re good!

To make this version, gather up these.

1) maple syrup, cream, eggs, vanilla, a pinch of salt

2) bring the cream to a boil; and, 2) combine egg yolks, one egg and maple syrup

4) the syrup and eggs combined; 5) gradually whisk in the hot cream to temper the egg mixture

6) strain the mixture; and 7) add the vanilla


8) bake in oven for about 50 minutes at 300; and voila, 9) allow to cool 30 mins then refrigerate

10) … and then torch tops till bruleed and you’re done!

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5 Responses to Maple Syrup Creme Brulees

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I love everything maple!!!RYC: See that is why I do not run in the marathon.

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    My sweet tooth Brent…thanks for sharing the recipe…creme brulee…one of my favourite dessert!!

  3. brooklyn2028 says:

    YUM YUM!!! I’m going to make some creme brulee now! Lavender, Green Tea or Earl Grey…

  4. whonose says:

    I am sooooo hungry!

  5. kunhuo42 says:

    yum, looks delicious! as soon as i get a torch i will have to make some creme brulee!

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