Take me out to the ball game


Tuesday G and I attended the Blue Jays / Minnesota Twins baseball game courtesy G’s company. We are fortunate to get these tickets a couple times/year … and that’s just fine as seeing baseball two times a year is plenty enough for me. It is not my favourite sport. Bring on NFL Football or College basketball, or, my obsession of late, the Tour de France (all the drug doping scandal aside).

ANYhow, I digress. We headed down to Skydome (aka the Rogers Centre) and spent the hours doing silly baseball things like eating hotdogs and doing the wave. And you know, once a year, that’s just fine. It’s a fine way to spend an evening: stretching for fly balls, cheering on a homerun, seeing a play at the plate. Best of all, the Jays (oh shock, horror) WON … 7-zip. Well done boys!

1) the CN Tower looks so cool brooding over Skydome; 2) play begins

3) see, the wave begins … it’s coming toward us; 4) we even got visited by BJ Birdie

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3 Responses to Take me out to the ball game

  1. =] Sounds like fun! I never even been to a baseball game though =/Hmm and that guy in picture four..standing up thats not the birdy looks like my stat teacher XD=/ i had stat first period…and every time i walked into the room…i noticed that his nipples were erect and poked through his polo X_X

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I agree with you – one game a year will hold me. Now football or college basketball that is different. RYC: So true – the only thing that really remains is love.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    It appears to me that a lot of folks took the Tuesday off!! haha~~

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