Risotto to die for


On Saturday we opted
for an al fresco dinner with an italian theme. On the menu was G’s
omg-to-die-for wild mushroom risotto, my bruschetta, a sirloin steak and
an amazing bottle of Beringer Founder’s Estate Cab Sav, 2000, from California, which Mark and
Ironwoman Judy gave us eons ago.

Risotto is an art. Only when you take the (considerable) time necessary
to make it do you truly appreciate just how wonderful it can be; and
understand the time and energy it takes when you order it at a
restaurant and often have to wait an hour for it to arrive at your

For G’s version you need mushrooms, lots of mushrooms. He used a package of wild ones, some fresh white ones and some shitake.

1) gather up some of these


2) white mushrooms; 3) dried wild/shitake; 4) GARLIC!


5&6) sautee onions and butter; 7) add in rice and mushrooms and pour in white wine


8) SLOWLY pour in stock while stiring constantly!; 9&10) the steak … remember to season it

11) Brent’s bruschetta; 12) the wine; 13) the al fresco-ing begins!

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3 Responses to Risotto to die for

  1. Wow. I love Italian food … and boys. Heh. The bruschetta looks ridiculously good.

  2. x_x dang…im hungry nowpoop! it looks so good

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    How do you manage to stay so slim with all that great food!!!!!!!!!RYC: Jung was the hero when I was in college psych class.

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