Chinese Parking Spaces

1 & 2 ) sushi at Oisi Oyster

On Saturday morning – after a platterful of excellent sushi at Oisi Oyster Friday night – we
finally stopped in to visit the Farmer’s Market at the Brickworks. It
was nice and has a ton of hippie-throwbacks pushing the usual
eco-friendly and all-organic wares and food.

3  & 4 ) the Brickworks Market

I picked up some microgreens, which are notoriously difficult to find here in Toronto (we’ve found them in Ottawa) and organic oregano to use in Saturday night’s Greek Night meal (more on that tomorrow).
Before heading to the market, we had dim sum in Chinatown East where the city has finally finished re-working the parking lot off Gerrard. Note the extra-wide parking spaces … implemented – in my humble opinion – as a safety feature to combat the capabilities of Chinese drivers in the city (read: none).

5) extra-wide parking specially for Asian parkers

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5 Responses to Chinese Parking Spaces

  1. anonymous says:

    hahaha… don’t you know the skill it takes to park within millimeters to another car? As usual, love your food pics.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I love the farmers’ market. We have one here every Saturday morning.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    you’re such a connoisseur of food…sushi…dim sum…Greek meal…and counting! haha~~

  4. =[ even with the asian wide spaces… I think it’ll still miss the line XDhmm the sushi looks good, but what kinda stuff did the farmers market sell? =] and dim sum sounds good right about now

  5. kunhuo42 says:

    hahahah i think those extra wide spaces are put in place particularly for asians of the female persuasion… =P

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