Riverside Rest

1&2) the gardens at Riverside

G and I next headed to Riverside for a few days of utter R&R. I do adore ‘going home’ – the gardens, the calm, the hospitality of my folks, my familiar room downstairs, mom’s oh-so-wonderful home cooking, the elegance – is all so comforting.

3) mom, looking lovely as ever; 4) moi; 5) papa

6) mom’s homemade melon soup; 7) proscuitto, blue cheese and organic greens

8) GeGe, Papa and moi

On Sunday we headed up to visit GeGe, who is still going strong and looking fabulous at 96 years young! What a fine family we are: GeGe looking great at 96 and counting; Papa looking great at 70-odd and counting and moi looking uber-fabulous at 40-odd and counting! Gosh we age well! Gotta love good genes!

Later on Sunday, we headed to “RibFest” (in the rain) and gobbled down a vegetarian nightmare of pulled pork, chicken and bbq-ed ribs (with beer of course).

9) G decides which ribs to order

10 & 11) the “Vegetarian Nightmare”

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2 Responses to Riverside Rest

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    YUMMY nightmare!!! By the way, your family does all resemble each other.

  2. haha, oh god…let me at that “vegetarian nightmare”!

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