Last Week

I had a busy week last week and was out every night – dragonboat practice on Monday; Unicorn Pub Tuesday; I can’t even remember where on Wednesday; a bbq on Thursday and hosted soon-to-be Ironwoman Laura at home on Friday night.

Tuesday G and I attended our monthly pub night at the Unicorn with the uber-fabulous Lady Sarah. Joining us this week was an old former colleague of ours, the lovely and oh-so-talented on-air television personality BB, whose name shall remain anonymous to avoid people asking favours of her through me. Not happening folks!

1) Lady Sarah, moi and BB enjoying the patio at the Unicorn

Thursday night, I trekked with Ironwoman Judy out to Oakville to attend a bbq hosted by one of North America’s premiere healthcare consultants, the one and only JEM. This was a wonderful evening full of folks from my past life at the world’s largest humanitarian organization and it was so nice to get caught up again with everyone. A special shout-out to Elizabeth, who is recovering well after her surgery.

2) JEM, the vegetarian, cooks our meat!

3 & 4) JEM, Elizabeth, Lynn, Mary, Maria, Ironwoman Judy, Lorraine and JEM’s beautiful daughter R

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3 Responses to Last Week

  1. Hmm…is it really meat or is it like tofu burgers x_xI never though that a vegetarian would cook meat =/ hmm

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I felt sorry for you when I read you had a busy week UNTIL I read why it was so busy. I hope you had a good time.RYC: Hope is all that sustains us.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    How nice to have a backyard roundtable get together!! Thanx for the watch advice…crazy Japanese menu? Yes, it’s a gigantic one tooo!!haha~~

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