The Canadian National Exhibition

1) the CNE Midway

On Saturday, we headed to “The Ex” (the CNE: the Canadian National Exhibition), which is something everyone in Toronto does every year. It is a rite of summer. We started at the Agriculture Hall where we got to pet (eek!) and stare at all manner of farmy animals. I also managed to score dirt cheap Magic Passes that were even cheaper than the advance purchase Shopper’s Drug Mart deal. Gotta love it!

2) baaaaaa; 3) gobble, gobble; 4) what noise does an ostrich make?

In the Agricultural Hall, we decided on our Miss
Holstein of the Year awardees. This is one of our most favourite stops in the CNE. We plant ourselves in front of the Farm King and Queen pictures aligned along the wall and decide who’d we pick as the most farmerlike.  Frankly, I thought this year’s contestants paled in relation to our Miss Holstein awardee of last year (see here). While you won’t believe this, the pictures of these gals make them appear more beautiful.

5) the 2nd runner up; 6) the 1st runner up; 7) The Winner! Miss Holstein 2007

8) Crazy Mouse: my favourite ride at the Ex; 9) G heads in to inspect one of the six companies vying for the new TTC streetcar contract; 10) I skipped this ride … G was brave and is inside spinning away

11) G strikes the pose; 12) BIG HEAD Brent; 13) house of mirrors fun

14) G goes around

15 & 16) the Superdog Show; 17) the Snowbirds, Canada military acrobatic flying troupe

18) Lego is building a replica of the CN Tower on site … now that’s a lot of lego blocks!

High on my list of jobs I would never want comes this one: “Human Cannonball”. This guy and his sister are el nutso!

19 & 20) in he goes

21) through the air he goes; 22) a safe landing

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4 Responses to The Canadian National Exhibition

  1. Cool…Human Cannonball!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Sounds like a fun day! I am not sure I agree with the winner of the contest. Maybe I am judging by different standards.

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    hahahaha the winner is ms. dundalk? that’s hilarious! my bf lives in dundalk (in maryland, but still… very funny). and i have no idea what sound an emu makes.

  4. brooklyn2028 says:

    Hehe, I gotta go see that Lego CN Tower when I go!

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