We are the (third place) Champions!

1) gotta love the hardware!

2) Team Typhoons (or part of us at least) at the awards ceremony

Last Sunday I was up at 5:00 freaking AM to head to Kelso for our first team Typhoon dragonboat regatta at the Oakville Dragonboat Festival (held in Milton?!). The venue was good though you couldn’t see the races from the competitors camp area and there was a hill we had to climb several times over the day to get down to the boats. There was no dock, which was strange, so teams had to haul butt in and out of the boats the old fashion way … actually getting into the water!

This was our first regatta this year (last year at our first race we finished 2nd in the Consolation Final for Platinum division). This year we finished 3rd in the D Division Championship Final! Woohoo us! AND we posted our best time ever as a team for the 500m race – 2:29:63.

Our sister team – the very professional, very well trained Cyclones finished 4 in the A Division Consolation Final, and 9th overall for the day. Way to go Cyclones!

3) Dr. Lick catnaps; 4 & 5) our camp

6) more camp; 7) down by the water teams ready themselves; 8) our best time ever!

We posted our best time in the second race of the day (see below). We had the middle lane and were trailing but through stronger endurance and strength caught up and passed the other teams to finish first!

9) the second race (Typhoons in the middle lane); 10) nearing the finish

11) just after finishing … I look so pooped in this pic and Blee looks too happy; 12) Coach Vince talks us into shore

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4 Responses to We are the (third place) Champions!

  1. Oh man! THAT’S SO NICE. My team only ranked in the Recreation B division (4th beating our sponsor team >=D) and we didn’t get medals during our big boat festival! CONGRATS. And those pictures are SO HOT (= Mmm! Your team looks so fun!
    I think the best thing about dragonboat regattas and festivals is that everyone is part of a team and wearing a jersey– and once the festival is over, you kind of think to yourself “Why isn’t everyone in the real world wearing a team jersey?”.

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    Congrats on your achievement!! Dragon boat racing looked so fun!!

  3. Nice! Dang…but dragon boat? I wanna see what its like =]you always go out and do the awesomest things :]

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Congrats! Looks like another good weekend. Good weather – good food – good friends.

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