East to Halifax


Alright, so last week week G and I headed east to Halifax stopping in Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City and Fredericton along the way. We left Friday night, September 21 and rolled into Halifax on Monday, September 24.

We had perfect weather the entire time, and when we arrived in Halifax we managed a full 4 days (Monday-Thursday) of sunshine and warm (but windy) weather, averaging about 27°C each day. On Wednesday when I was up in Antigonish for business, the thermoter topped out at 31°C … gotta love it!

Friday, we stopped into Scots on the Rocks Annie for the evening. Baby K was sleepy as we didn’t arrive until 9pm. On Saturday morning she was bright and cheery for us and the cottage looked so inviting and peaceful.

1 -3) Scots on the Rocks Annie with baby K

4 & 5) the cottage looking all peaceful the morning we headed out

6) lunching on St Catharine Street, Montreal; 7) and a stop for yummy Montreal bagels

8) Toronto could learn a lot from Montreal parking … where you simply note the numbered space and enter it into the machine, hence, no need to return to your car to put the paper ticket inside…. brilliant!

9) G heads through the gate into the Old City, Quebec; 10) G wanders the old city, Quebec

11) it’s all G all the time in Quebec

12) the famous artist’s alleyway just outside Chateau Frontenac; 13) and the many steps down to the lower city

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5 Responses to East to Halifax

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Oh, the city looks so enchanting and picturesque!ryc: you’re such an observant fellow!!

  2. oh my gosh, canada has never looked so beautiful! your shots are amazing! the baby looks cute, the city looks so rich!

  3. i echo aaron’s comment.  harumph!
    ryc: you still haven’t gotten the hang of protected posting, eh?  you can add people to a list on xanga that you want to read certain entries.  all you have to do is tick off “protected” before you publish an entry.  there’s a link on the left side of your private site when you sign in called “protected posting”…from there on it should be obvious.
    you’re still on mine, i think…heh.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    YAY for travelling!!RYC: never forget friends!

  5. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, i’m jealous you get to travel so much!

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