Le cochon dingue

I adore Quebec City and we have now started joking (and joking it is) that we should buy a time-share there for future use. It’s just so quaint and so … I don’t know, French!


On Saturday night we had a perfect meal of beer, mussels and frites as the sunset in front of us at Le cochon dingue. Afterwards, warmed by wine and beer, we strolled the lower town and shopped before heading up north of the city to our hotel (getting lost first of course!).

1) a lovely microbrewed summer wheat beer and G’s wine; 2) our view as we ate and the sun set

3) duck pate; 4) mussels two-ways

5) frites!; 6) marionettes still scare me

7) looking up to the Frontenac

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3 Responses to Le cochon dingue

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I agree with you. Quebec City is beautiful and the food!!!

  2. Wow. Quebec sounds really interesting. x_x it seems to me that you vacation all year round =[ *jealous*

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    hahaha quebec city is so french? who’d have thought? =P then again, i’ve never been there or to france, so i guess i shouldn’t talk.

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