Deb Gets Married!

1) the deed done; Deb & Dawn level the service

We had an exceptionally busy weekend with not-near-enough sleep, but it’s all grand as one of my dearest friends, Deb, got married to her paramour, Dawn at a swank wedding held at the Delta Chelsea downtown. We had the rehearsal party Friday night, the wedding Saturday and the getting-the-brides-off-to-their-honeymoon-safely (and post-wedding clean-up) Sunday. I was Deb’s ‘bestman’ and the evening’s master of ceremonies. It all went off well and everyone had a real fun time! Best of all, both Dawn’s mother and brothers and Deb’s cousins, mother, father, aunts and uncles were all on hand to celebrate the event.

2) preparing the bouquet in the honeymoon suite; 3) Deb with brother Todd and Diablo trying to relax about an hour from the deed

4 & 5) Deb & Todd moments before heading down!

6) Deb, moi, bestman Gila, a little bit of Dawn and Minister Gordon making it official; 7) the couple head down to the receiving line

8) Deb & I at the head table; 9) the view from the head table

10) me in our very swank room before heading down to calm the bride

And here’s what I said during my toast/roast of Deb:

and I have been friends since Grade 11. That means we met some 27-odd
years ago. I can’t actually remember the first day we met – blame
the grey hair which, 27 years later, I’m now dying blond! But I think
it was in the stairway at E.C. Drury High School in Milton. And I
think Deb was sitting there (I’m tempted to ask if you had fallen?)
with Julia.

and I ran the yearbook committee together [yes, we were those kind of
kids]; we survived frosh week and 4 years of university together; we
spent endless hours discussing life, philosophy, art and love; we
spent a summer living together in Barbados;
did the Monaco-Nice-Villefranche-sur-mer adventure together; we
confided in each other [she came out first, not that it was a contest
or anything]; we spent hours together doing photography; we
clandestinely smoked and so erroneously thought it was ‘cool’; and
Deb and Diablo lived a summer with me (albeit on the floor of my wee
apartment). That’s some of our history together.

it’s often the
responsibility of the Best Man/Man of Honour to ‘roast’ the ‘bride’.
The dynamic tonight makes that a little more challenging as there are two brides, but we’re
going to try it anyway. And really, when I think about roasting Deb, I can
sum it up with a simple phrase: a falling artsy friend.
Three words, pretty simple.

‘falling’ … Deb has this thing about falling … I’ve been with her
many times when she’s fallen – often literally (remember high
school graduation Deb?); occasionally figuratively (remember frosh
week and the summer we lived together on the livingroom floor?). I
was happy to be there to help as I could Deb, and will remain there
as you and Dawn begin a new chapter together. Although Dawn, some of
that catching is now your responsibility, and I know you’ll do a fine
job. You’re good for Deb, and Deb’s fallen much less since meeting
you 4 years ago.

“artsy” … You may not know it, but Deb is very artsy. A
brilliant painter, a sketcher, a gorgeous singer, a poet, a short
story writer, a photographer, and, as those of us who attended the
stagette saw
… an erotic dancer … er, um, well … ok, so Dawn’s
got you beat there Deb. But since meeting Dawn, Deb you have
blossomed as an artist. Dawn you’re good for Deb.

of course, there’s this most important last bit: friend. You don’t
travel 27 years with someone lightly. There’s bumps, long absences,
miscommunications. Twenty-seven years is a long time. But, through
those years, a third of a lifetime, I’ve been so fortunate to call
Deb ‘my friend’. And what I often remember most is the fact that no
matter what I said I was going to do, or accomplish, or dream, Deb
supported it … even when I didn’t succeed. She supported it without
judgment, with caring, with advice and with unfailing friendship.
There’s a lesson in that; and I suspect it lies at the root of why
she remains my best friend. It is also one of her greatest strengths
and is, I suspect, part of what drew Dawn to her.

and I have been through A LOT together over 27 years … good and bad
times … and certainly far more things than a few words could
capture in a speech like this. And I am so glad she’s found someone
that so obviously cares for her so deeply. Dawn, you’re good for Deb.
Having seen her through 27 years, I can guarantee she’s the happiest
I’ve ever known her.

one of Deb’s best friends, and on behalf of her friends, I want to
raise a glass to you Dawn, and welcome you, and thank you for making
my friend, so happy. We’re glad you’re here Dawn and we entrust Deb
into your oh-so-capable hands. And, as Shakespeare so eloquently
said, “May a flock of blessings light upon thy back” as you and
Deb share your lives together. To Dawn!

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  1. CurryPuffy says:

    I remember reading about the “bachelor” party too…so happy there are so many guests in the wedding party!! Brent looks so swanky in that black outfit!! Congrats to such a nice couple!!

  2. YNOTswim says:

    wow. 27 years? Sounds like a life time. :) Congratulations to their wedding.

  3. =] i think i read about her in a previous entry…or many its just deja vubut whatever it isyou guys seem to have a friendship that can go through anything.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    aww… that’s sweet.

  5. MissLui says:

    that was lovely what you wrote…

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Great toast for a beautiful couple!

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