The Next Big Challenge

The utterly stupendous strength of the Canadian dollar – which is simply murdering the US greenback, trading this morning at $1.10US – got me to thinking about the next big challenge.

the Canadian dollar trading live on TV this morning against the US dollar … WOWZA!

The biggest challenge facing us is not Iraq, or the environment, or Afghanistan, or water … it’s the looming crisis in America. America, you see, is a nation in decline. It has been eclipsed. It is a nation of the last century. America and Americans will struggle with this fact and do much to put it out of mind; worse, deny it.

The crisis will lie in that moment when the collective American psyche tries to cope with this new world reality and the struggle existent in knowing that after a century as number one, you find yourself a ‘has been’. Heaven pray a leader with some sense sits in the White House when that tipping point arrives.

I wonder if Americans know this is coming? I wonder if they know the biggest holder of US dollars – US$1.4 trillion in fact – are the Chinese? And boy oh boy, when the Chinese opt to start selling off that currency, which will certainly one day happen, watch out.

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3 Responses to The Next Big Challenge

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Any thinking person has to agree with your evaluation of where our nation is now and where it is going. The propaganda that feeds the people is strong but now people are starting to wakeup to what is really happening. Aside – I started learning Chinese as a way to keep my brain functioning maybe it will be a necessity.

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    oh, some of us know that it’s coming. we look around and shake our heads at the state of our nation and the people living in this country (in particular, those who don’t realize that the u.s. is in decline). in fact, on quite a large number of occasions i’ve heard people joke that we had better all start learning chinese!

  3. yeah… not to be unpatriotic… but people here are too proud of america without any real reason to be. Saying 108352379 times that ‘we’re number 1 and will always be’ wont make a lie any more true.

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