Dirty Dancing: I’ve Had The Time Of My Life


G and I are just returned from seeing the live stage version of Dirty Dancing at the Royal Alex Theatre. This production has been receiving rave reviews from many in Toronto.

  • “Stunning Theatre” – 680 News
  • “Stunning … Devine … Exciting” – Globe and Mail
  • “Delivers all the Magic” – EZ Rock
  • “Downright Dazzling” – Muchmoremusic

I wanted to add my own thoughts on this show alongside the learned voices who have already weighed in. I’ve been seeing musical theatre shows for going on 25 years now and I can sum up my review of Dirty Dancing with three words:

Embarrassing | Horrific | Avoid.

I did not have the time of my life.

E’nuf said.

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3 Responses to Dirty Dancing: I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    hmm… that’s unfortunate. well, i guess i won’t try to go see it if it ever shows up in town.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Should have some good music but would be all I would expect!RYC; We seem to be afraid to be alone.

  3. sorry to hear that=[

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