Christmas Party Mania

1) the door-prize table before everyone arrives – G won dinner for two!

In keeping with the Christmas party theme, G and I were out again last night at my former organization’s staff get-together at the Ramada (of all places!) downtown. Even though I left the group a year and a half ago, we continue to be a close-knit bunch and all had a blast last night chatting, eating, drinking and dancing!

2) awaiting the food which was grand and good: salmon, chicken, curry and roast beef; 3) l-r: Sandra, moi, Rada, my wonderful and talented executive assistant, Mary, and my wonderful and talented admin/facility supervisor, Ada

4) the dancing starts; 5) lord helps, conga lines forming

6) G and Lucy bump and grind; 7) G and Lucy, who at sixty-four (and a former Miss Trinidad & Tobago) is looking mighty fine!

8) Lucy and I bump and grind

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5 Responses to Christmas Party Mania

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    we had a department christmas party, but no dancing was involved… probably because they tried last year to get us engineers to dance and weren’t very successful hahahaha.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    It is the time for Christmas Parties. My first one is this coming Saturday unless I get a call for another before that!

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    Hmm…roast beef…sounds delicious! But where’s Brent on the dance floor? haha~~

  4. …I wanna win a dinner for two T_TI’m positive to say that everyone who has ever met you, probably LOVES you

  5. ElusiveWords says:

    You must have left a very positive impression on your former organization!

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