Condo Update

Waaaaaaaaaay back in June 2005, G and I bought a condo … and here we are 2.5 years on, and, while we can see our lovely condo poking up into the Toronto skyline from our current balcony, we’re still another 6 months (at least) from occupancy. Never has a condo taken so long … or so it seems. The challenge seems to be with elevators and windows at the moment. Toronto has so much condo development, the specialized folks who install elevators and windows are at a premium.

That said, the process has had its ‘fun’ moments along with many (read: many) challenges. We’ve now finished all our upgrade meetings with the appliance contractors (Appliance Canada), the kitchen architects (Paris Kitchens) and the developer’s interior designer. We’ve spent lots in upgrades to the appliances, the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom tiles, and renovations to the existing floor plan that will see our 2 bedroom and den converted to a larger one bedroom and den. It’s a lot of money to fork out, essentially on spec without seeing the finished product and it does make one a tad/extremely (take your pick) nervous.

In the end, will it all be worth it? … will we be happy on that day next year when we walk through the door and see it live in the flesh for the first time? …

Yes, I know so!

I think we’ve done our homework; I know the architect in G did what he does so well, planned for every detail. And while we’ll still have some additional work to finish once we move in – specifically both bathroom countertops and cabinets, and perhaps an electrical outlet on the balcony – I think we’ve done it perfectly!

Here’s some of our design choices:

1) the guest bathroom features L’imoges gloss tiling, a new windsor matte tiled shower and montauk black slate flooring

2) the ensuite bathroom is also all white with gorgeous bianco carrara marble floors, giving it a real spa feel

3) we have the only “two-tone” kitchen in the building featuring cognac maple upper cabinets with cotton white lowers; a slate grey backsplash and grigio sardo granite countertop will split the cabinets. A montauk black slate kitchen floor will be complemented by engineered sierra maple hardwood flooring throughout the entire unit

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6 Responses to Condo Update

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    Very nice…. a guest bathroom, I wish I have one in my suite.

  2. elevators? damn…and i agree with Mike’s comment x_x so freaking lucky

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful -hope you enjoy it for many years.

  4. whonose says:

    Good things come to those who wait…

  5. This isn’t supposed to be a harsh comment or anything, but you and G are like…the gay male couple people like me strive to be like!  Or something.

  6. YNOTswim says:

    renovation is my least favorite activity, I want somebody else to take care of it… ryc: president or present? :) By the way, the soup is three (or four?) sausage soup with all kinds of stuff, like beans, and duck etc… French thing.

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