On Sunday before the Superbowl Game (and my, wasn’t that like the best Superbowl game ever?!), G and I made chocolate eclairs. Yes, made them! In the new mixer, which is bordering on an addiction now.

I’ve always been awed by eclairs when I see them in the stores and never thought I could actually make them. Well, surprise, I can. And they aren’t that much work, really. The ‘art’ is in correctly piping the batter once ready and in that regard I still need some work. Still, all in all, a success!

DSCF0077 DSCF0081DSCF0083
1) the ingredients you’ll need to gather; 2) make a roux from the milk, butter, flour and salt; 3) messy work but don’t worry, it will work out

4) let it cool a wee bit; 5) into the mixer adding one egg at a time; 6) mix

7) pipe the gooey batter into a pastry bag; 8) pipe out the eclairs (this is a real art, which we still need to work on); 9) ready for oven

10) into the oven at 400 for 10 min; then down to 350 till golden brown; 11) cool on wire rack; 12) light and puffy inside

Finally, melt some chocolate for the top and prepare some firm, dry whipped cream and you’re ready for chocolate eclair heaven!


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8 Responses to Eclairs

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    They look yummy but maybe a little too much work for me. I did the same dessert at Aaron.

  2. YNOTswim says:

    wonder why “Eclairs” looks, sounds, actually is “calories”? :) Happy New Year! Yeah, you should try that garlic sprout, cut and stirfry and it will continue to grow more… and cut again, like grass… untill nothing grow any more.

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    mmm…  looks delicious!  i’ve never done eclairs, but i have done cream puffs!  i think cream puffs are a little easier — no need to pipe them out.

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    Wow… I’ll take a couple after my greasy spoon breakfast. *burp*

  5. CurryPuffy says:

    Oh my! I just couldn’t resist a sweet thing with creamy fillings! They look so nice and I bet they taste good too!!

  6. christao408 says:

    Those look wonderful – congrats!  I made profiteroles a few times once I discovered that the recipe really isn’t that difficult.  One of those things that looks terribly complex but it is really a matter of just following the steps.  Of course, once you have to pull out the piping bag it is enough to turn most people off a recipe!  Piping neatly is an art, though.  Your eclairs are much prettier than my profiteroles were.

  7. OMG… those look delicious.

  8. brooklyn2028 says:

    YUM eclairs!!!RYC: You’ll probably rake in tons of money if you eBay the tickets but you’ll regret missing their last concert!!!

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