Winterlicious Weekend


On Saturday, I met up with Blee, Cousin Richard, Cousin Ora and their friend Mark (who is not a cousin) for a late Winterlicious lunch at the newly renovated Sassafraz in Yorkville. You’ll remember this restaurant-to-the-stars burned down this past summer. It is re-morphed and essentially looks as it used to, though a bit brighter.

Lunch was:

  • Potato leek soup with truffle oil and Roquefort toasts (very good);
  • Forest mushroom and confit shallot pappardelle pasta with sage cream (just ok but did get better once you mixed it); and,
  • Lemon vacherin with mint sherbet and stewed blueberries (good, though embarrassing for the pastry chef who sent it out with hard-as-diamonds mint sherbet)
1) the soup; 2) the pasta; 3) the dessert

4) Cousin Richard, Cousin Ora, moi, Blee and (soon-to-be?) Cousin Mark; 5) what is Blee doing?…

On Sunday morning G and I met up with pop star Will Wong for coffee at Timothy’s before heading out for our anniversary lunch at Lai Toh Heen. Will passed along some wonderful birthday gifts for me (thanks honey!) and we got caught up on our latest Spice Girl gossip, and Will’s work on re-issuing his cd, Connection. Check out his music here and support this star!


6) dim sum delights at Lai Toh Heen

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7 Responses to Winterlicious Weekend

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    I think your 10 dish dinner looked better.

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    Such a cute dim sum sampler!

  3. That place looks amazing.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    I should know better to read your postings after I eat. Everything always looked so good and is good for you.

  5. the three course meal looks goodbut i find it hard to believe that it actually fills someone up unless they had something to eat before they ate lunchdim sum looks good and it looks like your friend Blee is camera shy in the second picture :D

  6. christao408 says:

    Didn’t realize that Sassafraz burned down!  That was one of my favourite restaurants when in Toronto on business.  Glad to see they’re open again.

  7. kunhuo42 says:

    mm… all that food looks delicious! it’s a good thing i just finished eating dinner or i’d be hungry.ryc: thanks for the heads up; i hate taking things without citing them, so i’m happy to know what the source of that email really was.

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