MBS: ‘messy bed syndrome’

Signs & Symptoms: untucked sheets, comforter in disarray and twisted, pillows askew

(the obvious one, though not in this particular case … our bed
suffers mbs each and every morning), too much tossing and turning, a
tendency to use comforter as body pillow, excessive warmth while

Treatment: king sized bed purchase

1) Bed: Saturday, May 3, 2008 7:14AM

(Healthier) Buffalo Wings, Alton Brown Style
For dinner on Tuesday, we tried an Alton Brown recipe for (healthier) chicken wings. The secret is to steam the wings first. Once steamed, roast them in the oven at 425° for 20 minutes, turn, and roast another 20 before coating in hot sauce. These were so yummy and I’d highly recommend them, and, to boot, you don’t have to worry about the deep frying or – worse – cleaning up the deep frier once you’re done.

2) chicken in the steamer; 3) fresh and healthy out of the steamer

4) after the initial 20 minute roasting; and, 5) in the bowl with the hot sauce … omg yummy!

Poissons en Papillote
On Monday night we opted for fresh rainbow trout done in parchment paper. This was simply fabulous, fresh and when served with a side salad, again, very healthy. Best of all, no fishy smells in the house afterwards. We want to try this one with salmon and see how it goes.

6) gently pan fry your veggies; 7) thyme, trout, button tomatoes and some shaved carrot to start

8) add in your pan fried veggies and some parsley and coriander; 9) wrap in little parchment boats and bake for 20 minutes

10) fresh from the oven and opened up!

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8 Responses to MBS

  1. omg, can i be your friend?  ahhhaha.. that looks so good.

  2. vsan79 says:

    i am so hungry now, why everyone posting food pictures lol. I will that chicken wing next weekend. what kind of spicy sauce you use ?

  3. orchidgrass says:

    already tidier than my room

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    mmm… that reminds me of a similar fish dish i had in a restaurant a few years ago. yum! the wings look good too. can you tell i’m hungry? breakfast time! =D

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    Were the wings crispy?

  6. CurryPuffy says:

    These are indeed very healthy dishes…love it!I hope a KSB would cure the MBS!

  7. christao408 says:

    We’ve done salmon en papillote several times with great success.  It helps achieve that silky, not-overdone texture that I prize in salmon.

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    Fortunately I don’t suffer from MBS. I fall asleep and don’t toss or turn alnight – and since I sleep alone –well enough said about messing the sheets and covers.Great food as usual. Now I am off to make supper!!!

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