Getting roped

1) heading across to Toronto Island bright an early as Porter Air lands on the Island Airport

On Monday, I whisked some of my team – including one new staff member who flew in from Europe very late Sunday night – across to Toronto Island to play for the day on the Island’s Rope Challenge Course. This proved a great outing and certainly helped everyone jell for what will be a very challenging summer for them all.

The rope course was great and I’d highly recommend it for any corporate venture. You start on a very low course doing some cooperative challenges and then work your way up (pardon the pun) to some very high, very challenging adventures atop hydro poles sitting 30m in the sky.

2) Brent heads up to do the ‘Penguin” challenge; 2) penguin walking across

3) Brent starts the tires challenge; 4) the tires get increasingly wobbly as you move across

One of the final challenges was done in pairs on the teeter totter … climb up, and move outwards to ring the bell. Sounds easy enough eh … except that that entire beam is a seesaw and tips as you edge your way further outwards. “Fun,” Brent says with a dry smile.

5) up I go to join my number 2

6 & 7) my trusty friends stand ready to belay (or drop) their boss?! Now that’s trust! Eek!


8 & 9) over I go and out to successful bell ringing

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5 Responses to Getting roped

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    i don’t like ropes courses; i have a fear of heights!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Well, I am with Matt – there is no way in h$%^ that I am going up there!!!!

  3. ElusiveWords says:

    Oh gawd… there’s no way I’m going up there. *faints*

  4. christao408 says:

    That looks like a good team-building event.

  5. youniversl says:

    We had a guy fall off a truck today while unloading it.   He was competing in the crowbar, chisel, and sledgehammer challenge with some unexpected results.  He – and we – were lucky that the ER did not determine any (likely) lasting damage.  Lucky he was young and resilient.

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