Westin Prince

1) the Westin Prince

Last night we escaped to the Westin Prince Hotel in the middle of nowhere Toronto (the junction of Don Mills and York Mills) for what was going to be an relaxing afternoon around the swimming pool, dinner
Philippines-style and a mini-vacation from home on the Canada Day weekend.

2) the flower clock outside the entrance

While, sadly, Toronto’s wonky weather nuked the pool plans, we still had an enjoyable night away. The Prince has lovely gardens and gives you a sense that you’re not at all in Toronto … till you look out your window mind you! The hotel is looking a little tired but is in the midst of a multimillion dollar renovation that will be completed next Spring. It still retains its zen charm and its famous japanese restaurant, Katsura, is still doing business.

3) our room and; 4) the north facing view of North York

We dined at Casa Manila, a Philippines restaurant right across the street from the hotel. This was the first time I’ve been in an exclusively Philippines-style restaurant in Toronto, which is odd as there are many, many Philippinos in the city. We dinned on:

  • Lumpiang Shanghai (small spring rolls filled with shrimp and pork);
  • Gambas al ajillo (shrimps with garlic and chilies);
  • Diang na bangus (milkfish marinated in soy and citrus and panfried);
  • Manila curry (a fabulous curry with chicken and vegetables); and,
  • Special halo-halo for dessert (a mixture of leche flan, shaved ice, sweetened coconut milk, small mounds of preserved red, white
    and green-dyed sweet beans, cubes of plantain, shreds
    of baby coconut meat, all crowned with brilliant purple yam ice cream.
5) special halo-halo; 6) such a great read!

Filipino cuisine is a marriage of malay, chinese and spanish foods and is rarely spicy.

It was a nice afternoon/evening away complete with the joys of Sunday’s New York Times.

Today, we’re prepping for our O Canada dinner to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow and Blee’s return from a month’s assignment in Dreadmuston (aka, Edmonton).

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4 Responses to Westin Prince

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Oh, that ice-cream looks so divine!! So nice to escape for a weekend!!

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, i love ube ice cream… yum! i miss eating filipino food… i will have to see if i can get some the next time i go back to hawaii.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    I have not tasted Filipino food. I have to look for a place in our area. I am sure there is one.

  4. ElusiveWords says:

    I like the food at Casa Manila as well, it’s got a nice home cooked style & large servings to boot. Katsura is nice too!

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