Cottaging …

1) The House of International Mystery and Intrigue; 2) the view from Scots on the Rocks

If you drive east some two-and-a-half hours and then north for another forty minutes, you’ll come across “The House of International Mystery and Intrigue”. Hang a right there and drive in a precarious road for another kilometer and you’ll arrive at Scots on the Rocks Annie’s lovely home in the middle of nowhere. G and I spent a week hanging out here, paddling, swimming, eating and drinking far too much, getting caught up with Annie and Baby K, fishin’ (well, fishin’ if you consider feeding the rock bass “fishin'”), and touring about the area.

3.4, 5) Baby K joins in feeding the fish

6) she LOVES bubbles; 7) ah, the dock

8) in her suit ready for a swim; 9) Baby K, me and Annie

10) she even cleans!; 11) G enjoys the sunrise on the dock

11 & 12) lily pads … beautiful

13 & 14) beautiful Bedford Mill … but, oh, so buggy!

15) the waterfall outside the Mill; 16) G admires the Mill

17) a very cool old truck outside the Mill

18 & 19) the waterfront at Westport … that one boathouse in picture 19 is not in good shape

20) Newboro Lock – part of the Rideau Canal that connects Ottawa with Kingston; 21) the lock fills

22) a boat waits to enter; 23) the gate opens

24) out you go!

25) we lunched at The Stirling Lodge in Newboro (the place was full of Americans) ; 26) onto gorgeous Perth

27) another lunch at Nick’s Ranch Restaurant in Perth – only open for breaky and lunch; 28) Loeb Park in Perth … a nice reprieve on a hot day

29) … beats me! … strange things you see in downtown Perth

30) G way out swimming; 31) Annie and Baby K arrive home

32) she even sets the table; 33) while Uncle “Nit” (as she calls me) barbeques

33) grilled veggies every night!

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6 Responses to Cottaging …

  1. mhmmommys are the best =]hehethat picture of the house is really nicebaby k is just…the cutest thingespecially the one where she cleans=]and i must admitthe veggies look great…i thought they were kabobs in the beginning

  2. Wow what a nice getaway! Nice to hear your voice =)

  3. christao408 says:

    What a gorgeous lake area!

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    Nice to relax and swim at a place where there’s no one around!! If this place were in LA, then there would be billions of people crowding the lake!!ryc: oh, what a coincidence, I hope you and G liked Lang Lang’s performance…and the fireworks too!!

  5. kunhuo42 says:

    looks like a fun trip… much more relaxing than the trip i had since we were running around for a good part of it doing wedding-related stuff!

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Now that is a vacation place for me. I feed the fish here frequently but someone has to do it. Love th veggies. Kids always make good subjects for photos!!

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