“Lord” Simcoe

For the erroneously labelled “Lord” Simcoe Day holiday on Monday … I say erroneously as John Simcoe, while being the founder of Toronto (then known as York) back in 1793 when he canoed up from Niagara Falls; and while a member of the British House of Parliament, was never a member of the House of Lords or knighted. Why we continue to call him Lord is beyond me ….

… anyway … to honour him and the holiday named after him – Simcoe Day – we opted for an afternoon of High Tea at Annona at the Park Hyatt followed by a night at the hotel.

1) our room in the North Tower at the Park Hyatt; 2) Blee reads the LCBO course offerings at afternoon tea

3) the view from our room of the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor; 4) afternoon tea goodies


5) afternoon tea desserts!

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2 Responses to “Lord” Simcoe

  1. christao408 says:

    Cute tea service!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Lovely lovely – I will go to “All Things British” for high tea tomorrow to meet a friend. They have excellent goodies there!

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