Grilling & the BAGG Seal of Approval

1) Gord has little mechanical fishies that roam the pool like real, live fish

G and I joined our friends Ann and Gord last night for a bbq and pool party at their home in Scarborough. In addition to grilling some fabulous seafood kebabs, we took the opportunity to grill Lady Sarah’s newest boyfriend, P.
Lady Sarah expressly asked we all be on our best behaviour as – granted – meeting the good friends of your girlfriend can be daunting. I must say we were very good, well, fairly good, at keeping our grilling of poor P to a minimum … this despite Lady Sarah’s daft attempts to deflect everyone’s attention off poor P.

2) Lady Sarah and the dolphin; 3) Ann watches P and Gord dry off after the swim

All in all, it was agreed P is a super guy, cute to boot, and he has the BAGG (Brent-Ann-G-Gord) seal of approval. Lady Sarah and P are heading off to Indonesia for a couple weeks in September to roam the islands. Lucky buggers!

4) the ever-gorgeous Lady Sarah; 5) G admires the gardens before dinner

Sadly, poor Moosekoka,
whom we all had a hand in rescuing after he got tipsy one evening last summer (see Operation “Moosekoka Rescue”
here), had his one antler broken off in a recent wind storm. Fortunately, our services will not be needed to manhandle him into a cube van again … thank god!

As always, Ann and Gord were the most gracious of hosts and the swim, conversation, dinner, hot tub and weather perfect. We love our time with them both!

6) Ann is the bbq Queen!; 7) Moosekoka sans antler

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4 Responses to Grilling & the BAGG Seal of Approval

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    What a nice backyard with pool! The moose!!!

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    oh no, he lost an antler? after all that hard work you had to do to move him last time!hahaha yes, i want to know what the mechanical fish do too.

  3. christao408 says:

    Mechanical fish?  Very odd… to what purpose?  Do they clean the pool or are they just for looks?

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Great grill – poor moose!!!

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