The Return of Cousin Paul

On Saturday night after I returned from Winnipeg, we met up with my cousin, Paul, and his oh-so-beautiful (and now, oh-so-pregnant) wife, Su-Ming. We’re delighted our two good friends have returned after their four year hiatus living and working in Antofagasta, Chile …. try finding that on a map!

We started up right where we left off those years ago when we last met for brunch before they returned to Chile after spending a couple years in Toronto and needless to say G and I are thrilled to soon be uncles, of a fashion, again when Su-Ming’s twins are born.

After beers and some wonderful Pisco Sours (which my gawd, the LCBO needs to start bringing in to stores), we headed out to Bistro 990, restaurant to the stars during Toronto International Film Festival week, and scored a table right outside on Bay Street on what must have been one of the most perfect September evenings in Toronto in some time. Two glorious bottles of good Argentine wine later, and full of French food, we wandered back to their condo for teas to end, what was for me, a very, very long Saturday: twenty-one hours.

We’re glad you’re back guys! Welcome (back) home!

Su-Ming and Paul

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3 Responses to The Return of Cousin Paul

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Glad to hear they are back safe and sounds. Enjoy!!

  2. beers?!
    I really hope that Su-Ming didn’t have any…
    for the health and future of her soon to be popping out twins…
    aww and they look cute together

  3. whonose says:

    I don’t know what Pisco Sours are but they sound like my kinda thing.

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