When Knowing A Lot Still Isn’t Enough

knowing a lot about something still isn’t enough. I’ve had a
couple experiences with this of late and it speaks to the power of
lifelong learning.

about a year now I have been sitting on a Provincial government
committee that is working to align provincial legislation with the
(relatively new) Accessibility for Ontarians Act. We deal with some
exceptionally complex issues that cut across several ministries,
departments and existing laws related to Ontario’s built
environment. While I’m no architect or engineer, I know a lot about
the Ontario Building Code and related legislation but knowing a lot
still isn’t enough. The minutiae necessary to be versant is
stunning and I learn a lifetime of detail during each 2-day meeting.

month ago, I attended a virtual conference that dealt with current
treatment therapies for spasticity in people with cerebral palsy and
developmental disabilities hosted by Rady
Children’s Hospital in San Diego. It featured physicians in San
Diego, New York City and New Jersey presenting in real time complete
with PowerPoint presentations, interactive forum and webcams. It was
fantastic and from the
side of things, the way of the future. While I’m no physician or surgeon,
it’s fair to say I know a lot about selective dorsal rhizotomies,
intrathecal baclofen and drug regimens for the control of spasticity
than most people should, but knowing a lot still isn’t enough.
The minutiae necessary to speak with skill in regard to these
procedures is stunning and I learned a lifetime of detail in a short
three hours.

months ago, I was fortunate to have been selected by Telus Canada to
act as a judge in a national contest they were sponsoring for teens
for a sizeable university scholarship. Teens were asked what they
would do to make Canada a better place. I reviewed some 200 entries
that ranged from the utterly bizarre to the truly inspirational. I
was mandated to abide by strict judging guidelines that accounted for
relevancy to topic, style, originality, and the use of correct
grammar, among others. I know a lot about editing and writing, and a
lot about how to make Canada a better place, but knowing a lot isn’t
enough. The depth of feeling and breadth of perspectives on what
matters to teens is stunning and I learned a lifetime of new
possibilities (not to mention umpteen ways to spell some pretty common words) during the

morale: embrace lifelong learning and never rest on the laurels of
what you think you know.

can always learn more!

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4 Responses to When Knowing A Lot Still Isn’t Enough

  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Very true indeed…life long learning leads to a brighter mind and body.

  2. christao408 says:

    Only when you are dead should you stop being curious about the world and cease learning.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Lifelong learning gets a yay from me too. Once you stop learning you are really dead.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    yay for lifelong learning! you have such a fascinating mix of things you’re involved with.

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