Easter Dinner

1) calamari and green bean salad

Blee kindly invited us to a Rob Feenie-inspired Easter Dinner at her condo on Sunday evening that was superb. It included a starter of grilled spicy calamari and green bean salad, a main of heavenly Veal Neptune and a banana cream pie dessert.

It was uber-fabulous and, we joked, was brought to us by the wonderful trio of butter, cream and eggs. Nothing like French cuisine!

2 & 3) pearl onions and shimeji mushrooms getting reduced with sherry vinegar, butter and Peking duck stock (home made by Blee herself I might add)

4) Blee prepares the dressing for the potatoes, made yummy by the addition of nuoc cham, while G works on the ragout of mushrooms and onions; 5) green beans and Peking duck stock

6) OMG!

While G and Blee prepared, I solved Blee’s Roger’s digital cable challenges and entertained the cooking duo with my silliness.

7 & 8) how about them knockers!

9) Blee’s take set for dinner; 10) the milk fed veal tenderloin as it exits the oven

Veal Neptune is a decadent mixture of oven roasted veal, served with a ragout of mushrooms and topped with a crab hollandaise sauce with more butter in it that I care to recount for the sake of my arterties.

11) Blee works the bain marie to prepare the hollandaise; 12) G slowly pours in the clarified butter

13) the result is this, Veal Neptune … truly out of this world favour and depth

14) worth a second look I think

15 & 16) homemade coconut cream pie gets dressed by Blee and G

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5 Responses to Easter Dinner

  1. christao408 says:

    Oh that looks amazing. I agree with Sheldon: the mushrooms alone would have made my meal.

  2. brooklyn2028 says:

    OMG, just give me the pot of mushrooms and onions!! Hahaha. :)

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Delicious food with wonderful friends equals a great Easter!

  4. That looks very nummy…by any chance… do you have leftovers? :Dbtw, your knockers look uneven ;]

  5. ElusiveWords says:

    Oh my, everything looks so wonderful and sinfully delicious.

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