BC Spot Prawns

1) a BC spot prawn

Oh, to be living in British Columbia … home of the BC spot prawn, which for a first time is now being flown to Toronto fresh and is available at two or three fishmongers in the city. We picked up a bag of the critters – each about 5 inches long – at a fishmonger on Gerrard Str East in Chinatown East. Ten cost $16.20 but they are worth the price.

2) bagged and ready to go

They are unlike shrimps in that:

  1. they are actually sustainably fished and not farmed, meaning ;
  2. they are healthier than the poison-riddled, hormone-ripe, toxic shrimps you buy [if you’ve never read an article about farmed shrimp and the utter horror that’s associated with them, do so soon];
  3. they are far tastier with a fleshly texture reminiscent of lobster and a taste that is almost sugar sweet.

The fishmonger advised we simply toss them into a pan with some wine, olive oil, garlic butter, and shallot for 4 minutes then eat with some pasta. We hummed and hawed about that and thought we should boil them first. In the end, we decided to follow the fishmonger’s advice and sauteed the poor darlings alive in the pan.

3) prep your ingredients, and; 4) get the pasta going

5) saute butter, wine and olive oil; 6) toss the prawns in

7) they may try to escape; 8) season pasta and add parsley

9) yummy; 10) I de-shelled mine then ate


11) G found coral in his … extra yummy

Go grab some of these soon because as the weather gets warmer you’ll not see them again for another year. It just becomes too expensive to fly them here as too many die on route.

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5 Responses to BC Spot Prawns

  1. kangyunkun says:

    hi, Brent,Im here again with your help. Xanga has been blocked since I logged in the last time. It was miserable not to have got updated. However, thingsa are better now.

  2. ElusiveWords says:

    I’ve heard about these shrimps. I’m kinda squeamish about tossing live things into a pot / pan. My bf isn’t.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    I can tell the shrimps are wonderfully fresh and sweet! Bon Appetite!

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    mmm… looks great! i don’t think i’ve had prawns much… must go in search of some.

  5. christao408 says:

    Fresh prawns – love ’em!  We had some in Saigon that we had to grill ourselves, putting them on the fire while still alive.  The waiter showed us how to use a toothpick to snap their ventral nerve so they wouldn’t jump off the grill.  Brutal, but worth it.

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