What you reading?

I’m an ecletic reader by inclination and will read just about anything that tickles my fancy.

These past few weeks have seen me finish off an interesting mixture of history and anime … as you can see.

I have finished Watchmen and the entire series of DeathNote, all 12 volumes, and have about 100-odd pages left in Jay Wink’s outstanding work, The Great Upheaval (with thanks to Papa who lent it to me). The nonfiction work traces France, America and Russia from 1788 to 1800, a time when all three nations were far more intricately bound than you’d imagine. I’d highly recommend this nonfiction work, though, granted, I trained as an historian so take that as you may.

On Sunday, as it is with most Sundays, it was The New York Times, Sunday edition, which sitting out on the balcony with a coffee in the morning is simply heaven when it comes to insightful, concise, ahead-of-the-curve reading.


What you reading today? …

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3 Responses to What you reading?

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    I’m reading an updated book called “The Personal Efficiency Program – 4th Edition. How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Win Back Control of Your Work!”. Yeah… don’t laugh. My dad will sometimes give me the Sunday NYT to take home. But I rarely have enough time to read that. I usually check their site instead.

  2. upandoutward says:

    I’m knee-deep in “Yeah, I Said It” by Wanda Sykes. It’s a fun distraction :)

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    lately, i’ve been reading journal articles for work… exciting, huh? i do enjoy a good medieval fantasy/science fiction novel though.

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