A little dry hotness to dream of …

1) out in the dessert east of Tucson

Noting the crummy weather here in Toronto, I thought I’d begin today with some pictures from my whirlwind visit to Tucson this week – fly out Monday; fly back Wednesday (nothing like 36 hours on the ground, I always say). The weather was outstanding, but of course, and it was sunny and 41°C each day. A gorgeous dry heat that I so love.

2 & 3) me roaming out in the dessert … trying to avoid the rattlesnakes

4) hanging out at Mary’s house

It was a crazy but productive 36 hours with little sleep and I should have taken an extra day to just chill. The great folks there chaffeured me about hither and thither and laid on some excellent spots to eat, including Montana Avenue and Poco & Moms (a total dive but brilliant Mexican food, the chile rellenos were OMG! good).

… and speaking of food … we had a hearty breakfast last Sunday, when, upon our return from London, we found ourselves at The Black Forest Inn for a lunch of weiner schnitzel. It is a bit of a surreal experience as it is very much like being in Austria, complete with servers in traditional garb. However, I must say the food was excellent and if you find yourself in Hamilton, give it a go.

5 & 6) inside the Black Forest Inn

7) G’s yummy plate (photo courtesy Blee)

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3 Responses to A little dry hotness to dream of …

  1. You can make snake stew if you caught those rattlesnakes :]

  2. ElusiveWords says:

    Snakes? Aieee…. *runs away*

  3. agmhkg says:

    funny can really feel the dryness from those pics…..

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