Geneva Park

1) before and; 2) after

Saturday morning, on a spur of the moment thing, we decided to paint the condo. G headed out and chose a cool, clean grey and by Sunday morning we had transformed the condo’s main wall. Me likes it. To celebrate, Blee headed over for champagne, but of course, and dinner which included a gorgeous cherry pie that G made from scratch.

3) Blee prepares the spinach and feta pastries; 4) it looks so cool

5) G’s perfect cherry pie; 6) OMG, good

I spent Tuesday/Wednesday up in Orillia at Geneva Park. It was lovely, if rustic.

7 & 8) views of Lake lake Couchinging

9) our wee ‘villa’ … Muskoka House; 10) the first floor

11) Canadian geese were everywhere; 12) my (very) sparse rustic room

13) the grounds and; 14) view from the balcony

15) I sat here and read … so relaxing

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3 Responses to Geneva Park

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I love the colors. But I do have a question – how come when I paint there is no celebration??? lolol.

  2. christao408 says:

    That accent wall really makes the place warmer and more intimate.  Very nice.

  3. ElusiveWords says:

    This may sound silly but how do you pick a color?

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