The R Reunion

1) the R Reunion drink of choice

Lady Sarah, myself, Ann and Gord have been talking for a year or more about hosting a reunion of the staff who we used to work with. This summer we finally put this plan into place and on Thursday night out at Ann and Gord’s, we celebrated with 30 or so friends from our past life when we all worked for the world’s largest humanitarian organization.

2 & 3) the pool and grounds were ready for the guests by 2pm

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening with friends who, despite the years, continue to have a truly unique bond because of the tremendous and challenging work we did together while there. Folks arrived from Niagara Falls, Owen Sound, Kingston, Ottawa and even Sri Lanka; yes, Pam came all the way from her mission there to join us.

4) Tennis star Suzie chats with Allan while (in foreground) Cindy chats with the ever gorgeous Miss Lucy (a former Miss Trinidad and Tobago); 5) can you spot Mama Joan?

6) in foreground, my former boss, Dennis, chats with Ironwoman Judy and Lynn; 7) there’s another former boss, Maria

The weather we perfect and we swam and drank; reminisced and drank; ate and drank. As dusk set Gord and Mary stood to speak about our collective experience together and the sad fact that one of our team, JM, died unexpectedly on Sunday morning at his cottage.

8) Dennis, Ironwoman Judy and Cindy cooked for us; 9) what a great threesome

Cindy. Been years since I saw Cindy. Cindy and I go back to Ottawa when upon being seconded to the National Office (which was all Ironwoman Judy’s doing), I found myself living in Cindy’s house for two weeks and in charge of the company as she headed out on vacation. The Sunday night before I took over the helm, she said to me: “Brent, tomorrow morning you are going to be inundated by staff out in the provinces pestering you for decisions in nanoseconds and claiming everything is an emergency. Remember, you are now representing National Office so any decision you make will have ramifications for the entire country. Unless someone is actually dying, take your time to make the decision.” 

Sage advice. And I remain a muller to this day. That adventure also started the adventure which I posted on years ago, How I Ended up Living with Audrey McLaughlin, the Leader of the New Democratic Party.

10) mmmmm; 11) Mary stands to speak while Gord continues at the bar

The evening reinforced the tremendous power the organization had on all of us and the enduring bonds of friendship they wrought.

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