The Architects Gather…

Last night, after work, G arrived home with pretty much his entire team of fellow architects. The event: a fond farewell to the ever-outgoing Effie, who is leaving architecture to pursue her Masters.

There was pizza and munchies and (far) too much drinking. Refreshingly, there was very little ‘shop’ talk.

Joining us were Sadia (who was fasting and at 8:01PM broke her fast with an eating frenzy); Michael; Roxy; Adam; Joe (who stopped in to bring us a case of Blue and say ‘hi’); the always-fabulous Columbian Luzelena; the party’s guest of honour Effie and her husband, the talented Canadian artist, Mark (last name removed)(even though he did drink way too much and ended up on our balcony sofa). Me thinks Mark’s next art installation may involve something to do with Chopin potato vodka.

1) the moose welcomed folks; 2) things started calmly in the livingroom

3) … then we moved to the kitchen/bar (l-r) Luze, Michael, Roxy, Effie and Mark; 4) Adam starts the tequila as Sadia and Luze look on

5) then the Absinthe came out; 6) and more tequila

7 & 8) Luzelena goes into South American mode

9) much later, back to the livingroom to ‘chill’ out; 10) the remains of a fun party

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  1. christao408 says:

    How do you like the Chopin vodka?  My 42 Below from New Zealand is running low and instead of returning to Grey Goose or Belvedere, I thought I might try something else.

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